MH-CLSR program features:

  • Provides psychosocial support which is:
    • Culturally safe and responsive
    • Trauma-informed
    • Recovery-oriented
  • For people from refugee backgrounds
  • No need for formal diagnosis of a mental condition
  • Open to all ages
  • Within 10 years of arriving in Australia

Last updated: 11 January 2023

MH-CLSR is the first program of its kind in the world.

There were 165 consumers in the program at the time of the evaluation, more than double the number (79) of consumers contracted to be supported.

The average period consumers were in the program was 357 days.

Clients feel very enabled to make contact and to decide what type of support would work best in each situation CMO support worker

Process evaluation findings: delivered and governed as intended


  • Program has clear and strong purpose
  • Consumer trust level was high
  • Consumer level of satisfaction was high
  • Consumers found the program to be flexible
  • Consumers felt the program met their needs
  • Consumers found it easy to engage with providers
  • Functional and supportive partnership between the Community Managed Organisations (CMOs) and Local Health Districts.
  • Referral pathways were effective
  • Suitable workforce (CMOs) delivering support
  • CMOs had a strong connection with local community organisations
  • $5.1 million invested (2022-2023)

Current as at: Wednesday 11 January 2023
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