How to become a nurse in NSW

Nurses provide care and support for patients in many different clinical and community environments.

There are various pathways and qualifications you can choose to become a nurse.

How to become a midwife in NSW

Midwives form partnerships with women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.

There are two pathways to becoming a registered midwife.

Becoming a registered midwife

How to become a nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners provide advanced patient care in extended clinical roles. This can include initiating diagnostic investigations, prescribing medication and making referrals.

There are two pathways for a registered nurse to get endorsement as a nurse practitioner.

Becoming a nurse practitioner

Award and conditions

Nursing is an exciting and rewarding career. It offers flexibility and varied working hours to suit the needs of your lifestyle.

You can find pay rates and conditions of employment for NSW nurses and midwives in the Public Health System Nurses' and Midwives' (State) Award.

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