Our Nurse and Midwifery Managers and Unit Managers look for training that is relevant and practical. Take the Lead 2 (ttl2) is a program designed specificaly for them.

The program increases managers' awareness of performance and and gives them the skills to turn themselves and their units into high performing teams.
ttl2 proposes practical outcomes through skills which can be directly transferred to the workplace.
The program runs over two years with a total of five face-to-face workshop days in Sydney and monthly webinars, which alternate between coaching and teaching.
The webinars are a great chance to network and share stories and solutions. They also serve to build communities of practice and action learning sets.
"Very thankful for NaMO creating this course and supporting NUMs to attend - makes my role feel more important. I can't see a single person who would not benefit from this course."
"Always wonderful networking with other managers and sharing ideas. A wonderful program!"
"Great way to network and share ideas."


ttl2 helps Nurse and Midwifery Managers and Unit Managers to:

  • deliver quality patient centred care to the local community through the high-performance culture of their units
  • use effective techniques to manage performance across their units
  • trust their ability to make changes in their workplace 
  • become more effective through a change in styles and patterns
  • give and receive feedback on leadership styles and management processes to improve clinical leadership
  • support the talent in their teams and make time to lead improvement projects

ttl2 2-year programTake the Lead 2 year  program format, a link to Text alternative follows image


Participant feedback from the Take the Lead 2 (ttl2) Post-program evaluation report from 2017


 Review the Executive Summary of 2017 Report​.

If you have further questions please contact Michael Peregrina or Tom Overton, Nursing and Midwifery Office on phone (02) 9391 9528 or email Michael.Peregrina@health.nsw.gov.au / Thomas.overton@health.nsw.gov.au

Take the Lead 2 - Strengthening the Nursing Midwifery Unit Role across NSW 

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