Take the Lead is a two-year program is designed to equip and empower nursing/midwifery unit managers with skills to lead change, foster positive team cultures and inspire exceptional care.


N/MUM with 1 year+ experience managing a clinical unit who is:

  • driven to lead compassionate, safe, person-centred care?
  • passionate about building and supporting high performing teams?
  • committed to growing your skills and capabilities to thrive as a leader?


Face to face workshops

The in-person workshops will build on the self-paced preparation and allow participants to engage with the critical elements of the curriculum in an engaging, practical and experiential way.

Application tasks

Critical to the learning cycle is the application of learning to the workplace. Post workshops, participants are provided with tasks designed to support the practice and embedding of key concepts, tools and techniques.

Peer consultation

The Peer Consultation process aims to provide N/MUMs with peer support to work through workplace leadership challenges. This practical exercise offers the opportunity to apply the concepts and learnings to an actual situation.


Mentoring provides individualised support to participants. Mentors provide information, insight, wisdom and advice, as well as encouragement and guidance.


The program will use the webinar to facilitate reflection, enable group coaching or bring in guest speakers.

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