Healthy habits for a healthy mouth

A healthy mouth is important for your overall health and well-being.


Resources are available for communities, families and individuals. Some resources are also available to order.

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Children and young people 6-17 years

Childhood and adolescence is an important time to develop good oral hygiene and healthy habits that will benefit them throughout life.
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Aboriginal people

NSW Health recognises the importance of good oral health within Aboriginal communities.
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Adults are encouraged to maintain good oral health practices for overall health and wellbeing. Carers, community agencies and health professionals can also support adults who need further assistance.
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Pregnant women are encouraged to maintain good oral health and ensure their child has the best start to life.
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Multicultural communities

Oral and dental health information for multicultural and refugee communities.
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Children 0-5 years

Primary (baby) teeth are important. Parents, carers, community agencies and health professionals can help children have good oral health for lifelong benefits.
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Integrated oral health

People with additional or specialised health care needs require extra care. Good oral health routines are important for their overall health and wellbeing.