CWCs are based in local health districts and support health workers and services in preventing abuse and neglect and responding early, whenever a child safety, welfare or wellbeing concern is raised.

CWCs are available to advise health workers about CWUs and have a detailed understanding of entry points into local health services. They respond to complex cases involving vulnerable families, children and young people within the LHD, as referred on by the CWU. They also work closely with other Government departments and agencies, providing advice about referral pathways and information sharing.

Central Coast Local Health District

Jennifer Hogan
Phone: (02) 4352 4154

Far West Local Health District

Hannah Dean
Phone: (08) 8080 1233

Hunter New England Local Health District

Angelika Mandel
Phone: (02) 4924 6060

Michelle Wickham (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Phone: (02) 4923 6824

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

Tina Martin (Monday to Thursday)
Email: and
Phone: (02) 4224 2956

Mid North Coast Local Health District

Jody Clayton
Phone: 0430 092 666

Murrumbidgee Local Health District

Belinda Burns (Monday-Wednesday, every second Thursday)
Phone : 0467 746 798

Jully-Ann Ndlovu (Tuesday to Friday)
Phone : 0452 608 360

Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District

Emily Masson (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
Phone: (02) 4734 2230

Northern NSW Local Health District

Marishia Crooks
Phone:(02)6620 2970

Northern Sydney Local Health District

Marina Stojanovska
Phone: (02) 9462 9266

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

Emma Searle
Phone: 0439 593 868

South Western Sydney Local Health District

Elizabeth Smith
Phone: (02) 9780 2803

Southern NSW Local Health District

Vacant, please contact:Gemma Evans
Phone: (02) 6150 7857

Sydney Local Health District

Christine Canty
Phone: (02) 9378 1334

Western NSW Local Health District

Kristine Evans (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)
Phone: (02) 6809 8731

Western Sydney Local Health District

Hanna Hamza (Tuesday to Thursday)
Phone: (02) 9881 8787 61

Current as at: Tuesday 1 December 2020