NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit and local health district based Child Wellbeing Coordinators support and enhance how we actively respond to child safety, welfare or wellbeing concerns, with an emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit (CWU)

Registered medical practitioners and general practice nurses, along with other public health workers, can contact the NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit (CWU) to seek advice if they have concerns about the safety, welfare and wellbeing of any child, young person, or unborn child in NSW.

What is the NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit?

The NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit is a telephone support service staffed by child protection professionals proficient in the assessment of risk to children and young people and a required health response.

This specialist child protection and wellbeing consultation service can:

  • where required, report high risk matters to the Child Protection Helpline on your behalf
  • give you relevant information held about past child protection related concerns
  • provide guidance around how to raise your health, safety and wellbeing concerns with parents.

To assist in assessment and planning for children, young people and families, all contacts with the NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit are documented in an inter-departmental database which links relevant safety and wellbeing concerns held by Community Services, NSW government schools, NSW Police as well as health workers.

When should you call?

You should contact the NSW Health CWU when:

  • you need advice about the safety, welfare or wellbeing of a child, young person or unborn child and their family, including what initial action to take and whether a mandatory report is warranted
  • the outcome of completing the online NSW Mandatory Reporter Guide directs you to do so.

How to contact the NSW Health Child Wellbeing Unit

The NSW Health CWU is available Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 8:30am to 4:30pm on 1300 480 420.

To contact the CWU after hours:

  • leave a message on the phone line for a callback from the CWU, and provide some brief information about your concerns and the best time to ring you back
  • sign up to be a registered eReporter. You can then eReport to the CWU, after completing the NSW Mandatory Reporter Guide.
  • email your contact details for a return call from the CWU. Please include brief information about the child or young person you wish to discuss and the best time for the CWU to call you back.

A Child Wellbeing Unit worker will normally respond the next business day, using the contact details you provide.

Need help now

If your matter is urgent or you suspect a child or young person is at imminent risk of significant harm, call the Child Protection Helpline (24/7) directly on 13 21 11.

Current as at: Monday 23 January 2023