NSW Health, guided by NSW Health policy, delivers a range of services and programs to reduce the harm and impact of, and help to prevent, sexual assault, child abuse and neglect, and domestic violence.

Responding to Sexual Assault (Adult and Child) Policy and Procedures provides policy and practice guidance to all NSW Health services in responding to children, young people and adults who have, or may have, been sexually assaulted and their families, carers and significant others. This policy directive details the functions and governance of NSW Health Sexual Assault Services including relating to crisis response, medical and forensic assessment and management and ongoing interventions and support. It also clarifies the roles and responsibilities of other NSW Health services in responding to sexual assault including their reporting requirements.

The Photo and Video Imaging in Cases of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse and Neglect policy directive provides statewide direction on the required standards for capturing, storing and managing clinical imaging specifically related to children in cases of suspected sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect. This includes procedures to support compliance with consent, privacy, and documentation management and retention policies.

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Current as at: Monday 23 January 2023