In this package you will find:

  • an Advance Care Directive form to complete
  • an Information Booklet to help you complete your Advance Care Directive.

This package is one of many advance care planning and end of life resources that are available for use. The Advance Care Directive in this package does not replace or void any other existing Advance Care Directives that are being used in NSW.

The package builds on the current options as well as provide a guide and a better legal and clinical framework to some of these options.

The purpose of the Information Booklet is to provide information to help people understand and complete an Advance Care Directive in NSW.  The Information Booklet outlines some key questions that people face when discussing Advance Care Directives, these include:

  • what is an Advance Care Directive?
  • why an Advance Care Directive is important?
  • how to prepare for making an Advance Care Directive
  • how to make an Advance Care Directive
  • when it applies and when is it valid.
It is important to note that in NSW a person does not need to use a specific form to record their wishes, therefore all Advance Care Directives must be respected.
If you would like to order a printed copy to be sent to you please call NSW Ministry of Health on 02 9391 9000.
File Size: 1550 kb
Type: Booklet, Form
Date of Publication: 15 December 2023
ISBN: 978-1-76023-112-5 (online)
SHPN: (OHCO) 220137