Inquiry under section 122 of the Health Services Act 1997:   How Mr Shyam Acharya, fraudulently posing as Dr Sarang Chitale, became registered as a medical practitioner; obtained employment in the NSW public hospital system in 2003 and continued working as a doctor in public hospitals until 2014. Final report.On 22 March 2017, the Ministry of Health, announced an inquiry under section 122 of the Health Services Act 1997. The inquiry related to the circumstances surrounding the registration, employment and management of Mr Shyam Acharya (also known as Dr Sarang Chitale) in public hospitals between 2003 and 2014.

Report on the outcome of the review was provided to the Secretary.

The inquiry was undertaken by former Health Care Complaints Commissioner, Mr Kieran Pehm and Dr Robert Herkes, Clinical Director of the Australian Commission of Quality and Safety in Health Care, and included a review of clinical records of individual patient cases raised with NSW Health where Mr Acharya (using the name Dr Sarang Chitale) provided services.

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