The NSW Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) provides opioid replacement therapy for people who are dependent on opioids such as heroin, morphine and oxycodone. It gives people the chance to stop their illicit or problematic use of opioids and reduce the harms that come about from such use. They can then focus on improving their health and lifestyle and prepare for eventually staying drug-free.

There are different types of drug treatments available and assessment by an authorised doctor is required to determine which treatment is the most suitable.

For more information contact the Opioid Treatment Line (OTL) (formerly known as the Methadone Advice & Conciliation Services or MACS).

OTL is telephone helpline that provides opioid pharmacotherapy information (including methadone and buprenorphine), referrals, advice and a forum for pharmacotherapy concerns. OTL assists people who want to know more about the system of opioid treatment in NSW, including how to get onto a program, and what they should expect from clinics and doctors providing the service.

OTL operates Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5pm: telephone 1800 642 428.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 9 August 2017
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