Patient consent forms

Pharmacists are required to sight the completed consent form to confirm that patients have given consent to have their co-payment paid by NSW Health.

Prescriptions filled at NSW public hospital pharmacies and NSW community pharmacies must be accompanied by the  3 Year Patient Consent Form. Existing 12 Month Patient Consent Forms remain valid and can be accepted until the renewal period on the form expires.

When prescriptions for s100 injectable and infusible chemotherapy medicines are filled through pharmacies used by NSW public hospital oncology services, a local pharmacy consent form must be signed by the patient. The 3 Year Patient Consent Form is not required.

Refer to Patients for consent information.

Co-payment claims

Community pharmacists

Community pharmacies submit co-payment claims for eligible patients to the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (PGA) to be reimbursed by NSW Health.

This applies to co-payments for medicines listed on the PBS - s100 Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) Program Community Access schedule for HIV, Hepatitis B and clozapine maintenance therapy medicines only.

More information and resources, including guides and frequently asked questions can be found on Pharmacy Guild of Australia (NSW Branch).

Public hospital pharmacists

Public hospitals submit co-payment claims for eligible patients to the NSW Ministry of Health. Refer to the NSW Health Section 100 Co-payments information bulletin for more information.

Co-payments for s100 Highly Specialised Drugs and s100 injectable and infusible chemotherapy medicines in NSW factsheet

More information

NSW s100 co-payment enquires can be emailed to:

For more information on how NSW Health manages your personal information visit Privacy statement.

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