Patient consent forms

For s100 prescriptions, the prescriber/doctor need to complete and sign a consent form with their patient.
For s100 Highly Specialised Drugs, prescriptions filled at NSW public hospital pharmacies and NSW community pharmacies must be accompanied by the 3 Year Patient Consent Form. Existing 12 Month Patient Consent Forms remain valid until the renewal period expires.

Examples of prescribing software compatible forms have been developed for Medical Director and Best Practice. These forms retain the 12 month renewal period and will be updated in early 2023 to reflect the 3 year renewal period. These forms can be adapted to other prescribing software by your practice where appropriate.

For s100 injectable and infusible chemotherapy medicines filled through pharmacies used by NSW public hospital oncology services, a local pharmacy consent form must be signed by the patient. The 3 Year Patient Consent Form is not required.

Refer to Patients for consent information.


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