Infectious diseases

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Control Guidelines

Control guidelines

NSW Health communicable disease control guidelines used by public health units to guide the public health management of communicable diseases in NSW.
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Immunisation programs

The NSW Immunisation Program provides the community of NSW with protection against vaccine preventable diseases through initiatives targeting infants, children, adolescents, healthcare workers and older people.

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Disease notification

The Public Health Act 2010 requires that certain medical conditions be notified to NSW public health authorities. This includes infectious diseases required to be notified by medical practitioners and laboratories, by hospitals and aged care facilities and by schools and child care centres.

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Fact sheets

NSW Health issues fact sheets on a wide range of topics.
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Cervical screening program

The NSW Cervical Screening Program and its achievements in reducing the incidence of cervical cancer in NSW women relies on general practitioners advising women about the need for regular Pap tests and their role in avoiding cancer.

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