NSW Health strategy and policy

NSW Health's strategy and policy on smoking and tobacco.

  • NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012-2021
  • NSW Health Smoke-free Health Care Policy
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Smoke-free laws

Smoke-free laws ban smoking and using e-cigarettes in all enclosed and certain outdoor public areas.

  • Smoke-free Environment Act 2000
  • Smoke-free Environment Regulation 2016
  • Let us know if a smoking ban has been broken
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Commercial outdoor dining laws

Ban on smoking and using e-cigarettes in outdoor dining areas.

  • What the bans mean for you
  • Your obligations
  • The '4 metre law'
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Tobacco and electronic cigarette retailing laws

Information for retailers on their legal requirements.

  • Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2008
  • Public Health (Tobacco) Regulation 2022
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Smoking, your health and quitting

Supporting you to quit smoking.

  • The harms of smoking
  • Tools to help you quit
  • Aboriginal communities and smoking
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Tools for health professionals

Supporting smokers to quit is every health professional's job.

  • Nicotine withdrawal monitoring
  • Supporting nicotine dependent patients
  • Quick guide to motivational interviewing
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Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (often simply called 'e-cigarettes'):

  • Are e-cigarettes legal?
  • Are e-cigarettes safe?
  • Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?
  • E- cigarettes and young people
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Publications and resources

A range of publications for download or order.

  • 'No smoking' signs
  • Tobacco retailing signs
  • Posters and fact sheets (multilingual)
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