Smoke-free environment resources

See smoke-free signage and resources for smoke-free posters and 'No smoking' signs.

 Entrances to or exits from a public building (the 4 Metre law)

 Children’s outdoor playground equipment

 Commercial outdoor dining areas

 Public transport stops and stations

 Spectator areas at public sports grounds

 Public swimming pools

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Quit for new life program brochures

 Why your baby needs you to quit smoking

 How to protect your baby from passive smoke

 How you can help a new mum to quit smoking

 Practical advice on how to quit smoking

 Staying smoke-free during pregnancy and beyond

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Aboriginal specific smoking cessation booklets

 Unsure. Thinking about giving up?

 Ready to give up. Decided to give up?

 Stay a non-smoker. Keep up the good work!

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For tobacco retailers

 Checklist for retailers of tobacco and e-cigarettes

 Tobacco or e-cigarette vending machines

 Ban on display of tobacco, smoking products  and e-cigarettes in retail outlets

 How to display the compulsory warning signs

 Display of a business name

 Tobacco retailer notification scheme

 Penalties and enforcement

 Sales to minors

 Shopper loyalty programs

 Single point of sale

 Tobacco or e-cigarette storage options

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Smoking cessation fact ​sheets

 Benefits of quitting smoking

 Getting ready to quit smoking

 10 myths about quitting smoking

 Nicotine dependence and withdrawal

 Smoking and pregnancy

 Supporting someone to quit smoking

 Water-pipe smoking and your health

 Smoking and oral health

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Electronic cigarettes fact sheets

 Are electronic cigarettes legal in NSW?

 Are electronic cigarettes safe?

 Can electronic cigarettes help me to quit smoking?​

 Use of electronic cigarettes with kids in the car is against the law

 Ban on the display of electronic cigarettes and accessories in retail outlets and locations in which they can be sold

 Ban on the advertising of electronic cigarettes and accessories​​​​​

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