Transcript of Strengthening local health committees in regional NSW

  • 9 local health districts
  • 110 committees
  • 1038 surveys
  • Countless conversations
  • Hundreds of great ideas
  • Your experiences
  • your perspectives
  • your stories
  • What you told us
  • "You may not change the world, but things you can influence via your local health committee matter."- Local health committee member
  • "It’s knowing you're serving the community by helping enhance services vital to the very existence of small rural communities."- Local health committee member
  • “I see myself as a friend of the hospital.” - Local health committee member
  • "The most important thing for community engagement is listening, not telling".- Health Consumers NSW, 2015
  • Together we've developed Five Guiding Principles to strengthen local health committees.

Guiding principles

For engaged local health committees

  1. Commitment to community - For stronger committees and a relationship with the community built on trust
  2. Collaborative partnerships- Supporting team work, respectful relationships and progress towards shared goals
  3. Committee-led action - Co-designing solutions for a sustainable future
  4. Committee members are advocates for healthy communities- Respecting and welcoming the diversity of regional communities
  5. A culture of learning and improvement- Building on strengths to support committees of the future

Working together we'll... Bring the five guiding principles to life

Please take some time to read the report on strengthening local health committees and reflect on what it means for your community.

Thank you Local health committees local health districts subject matter experts and our wonderful regional communities.

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