Open data

NSW Health publishes a range of data, interactive statistics and reports about different health topics.

NSW Health and Medical Research

NSW Health aims to establish NSW as a global centre of excellence in health and medical research innovation by building on the State’s premier health, research, academic, and medical technology sectors.

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HealthStats NSW

Find ready to use statistics, flexible analysis tools and custom reports of population health data to provide insights into a wide range of health determinants and outcomes.

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Healthcare innovation portal

Connect with the healthcare system, government, academia, and wider innovation community.

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Population health research and evaluation

We support population health research and innovation in NSW Health, with the aim of keeping people healthy.

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New health technologies

Health technologies play an important role in health care. NSW has a robust process to support innovation in healthcare to ensure our patients continue to have access to world class clinical care.

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Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research and Innovation

Find information on cannabis and/or cannabis-based medicines for patients and health professionals in NSW.

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Human tissue

Human tissue is described as an organ or part of a human body or any substance extracted from a human body. The Human Tissue Act 1983 sets out the law for the use of human tissue in NSW.

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Epidemiology and evidence

We generate robust evidence through population health data collection, data linkage, research and evaluation, and strategic reporting, which contributes to improved policy and service delivery.

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NSW population health surveys

​Population health surveys provide ongoing information on health behaviours, health status and other factors that influence the health of the people of NSW.

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COVID-19 research and resource collection

A collection of research and resources to build an evidence base and understanding of COVID-19, support learning from the COVID-19 pandemic and inform future public health emergency responses.

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