NSW Health has a standardised approach to implementing health technology 

Local health districts and specialty health networks may implement new health technologies locally if evidence indicates they improve the experience of giving and receiving care and/or are more clinically effective than other technologies.

NSW Health entities may make submissions to the NSW Health New Technologies and Specialised Services Committee for health technologies that would benefit from statewide/national review and/or implementation. A district/network may wish to nominate a new technology if:
  • a statewide population is needed for service delivery -  that is, the service would be provided across district/network catchments
  • the technology is highly specialised/low-volume
  • specialist workforce is required
  • significant financial investment is required to establish the service.
New technologies are assessed against six factors:
  • clinical needs
  • equity of access
  • materiality
  • level of evidence
  • economic feasibility
  • policy congruence.
Nominations will only be accepted from the Chief Executive of a NSW Health pillar, district, network, or a Deputy Secretary NSW Ministry of Health. Applicants can submit the New Health Technology Nomination Form to MOH‑HealthTechNominations@health.nsw.gov.au.
See the New Health Technologies and Specialised Services​ guideline for more information.
Current as at: Tuesday 8 November 2022
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