NSW Health encourages contributions on our social media communities. Community members expect a place that is respectful, reliable, relevant and safe.

We may hide or delete posts that moderators consider to be:

  • Abusive, offensive or unlawful: Harassment, bullying or provoking other community members, swearing, derogatory language and expression of views that are racist, sexist, homophobic, predatory or sexually explicit are not acceptable. Posts we deem to be potentially defamatory or that violate privacy laws will be removed.
  • Political in nature: While we welcome the discussion of policies and initiatives, it is not the place to discuss political parties and personalities.
  • Misleading information or misinformation: Information that is false, unfounded or misleading, whether intentional or not, will be removed.
  • An infringement of intellectual property rights: Respect and acknowledge original creators when sharing content.
  • Promotional: We do not accept advertisements, requests to endorse commercial products or services or soliciting donations.
  • Spam or link baiting: We do not tolerate posts containing links to harmful or suspicious websites or applications.
  • Personal information: As this is a public page, we will remove any posts that contain private information or personal details, such as email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Personal private health information: For your privacy we will remove any post that contains private health information about you or someone you know.
  • A violation of Facebook's terms and conditions.

If you breach these guidelines, we may ban or block your account from our social media communities.

To create meaningful and valuable discussion, please stay on topic when replying or commenting on posts.

Current as at: Tuesday 8 August 2023
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