1. Visit www.seek.com.au
    Click [Sign in] if you have an existing account with SEEK, or [Register] to create a new account. Take note of the email address you have registered your account with as this is the email account you will receive job alerts from SEEK in.

  2. Under the [Job Search] tab as below, enter the following fields:
    What​: Trainee Public Health Officer OR Trainee Biostatistician (depending on the position you want to receive alerts for)
    Classification: Select [Healthcare & Medical] from the list of checkboxes
    Where: All Sydney NSW
    Click the pink SEEK button. 

  3. Click on the [Save] button highlighted below. You will receive an email from SEEK when the trainee role you are interested in is advertised.

  4. Next, click the [SEEK logo] at the top left corner of the page. This will take you to the Job Search home page. You can see below that your saved searches are displayed as highlighted. Click [View all], as highlighted.

  5. A page will open displaying your saved searches. Note the [Email me new jobs] box below is checked.
    You will receive job alerts when positions matching these search terms are advertised. You can also click the blue [View jobs] button to view all job positions advertised that match your job search.


Page Updated: Wednesday 17 April 2019