The NSW Public Health Training Program is a  three year workplace based training program offering a supervised learning experience for people who have completed postgraduate studies in public health and are committed to a career in public health.
Trainee Public Health Officers are given the opportunity to work across a range of workplace settings in population health. Learning is guided by a competency framework and the strategic and operational priorities of the NSW health system.
The Training Program is recognised for the training of medical graduates towards Fellowship of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. More information about the Faculty Training can be found on the Faculty website.


To improve the health of the people of NSW, by contributing to the current and emerging needs of public health practice within NSW and Australia, through service based scholarship, collaborative relationships, and evidence-based practice.

Strategic Goals

  1. Contribute to a skilled, flexible, and sustainable public health workforce in NSW by developing public health professionals who are able to fill senior public health positions and adapt to a changing health and social environment.
  2. Support the generation and use of evidence in all aspects of public health policy and practice by: 
    • Ensuring the development and delivery of the program is informed by evidence from evaluation, and health education research, to underpin quality improvement; and
    • Contributing to the evidence and research base used to inform public health policy and practice in NSW through sustaining a rigorous learning environment in the workplace.
  3. Support career paths within the NSW health system for high achieving graduates in discipline areas relevant to public health practice.
  4. Provide NSW Health with the capacity to respond to workforce development needs of specialist areas within public health, the public health aspects of other specialist areas, and emerging public health needs.
  5. Provide NSW Health with an immediate surge capacity of skilled practitioners able to respond to a variety of public health risks particularly in the event of emergencies and/or outbreaks of infectious diseases.
  6. Develop reflective public health practitioners committed to life-long learning who are able to critically appraise their own competence.
  7. Engage with the broader population health workforce and foster the community of practice that supports the delivery of the program.
  8. Set high standards for personal and professional conduct.
Current as at: Monday 12 September 2016