About value based healthcare

In NSW, value based healthcare means continually striving to deliver care that improves:

  • health outcomes that matter to patients
  • experiences of receiving care
  • experiences of providing care
  • effectiveness and efficiency of care.
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Statewide initiative for diabetes management

NSW Health is taking a value based approach to developing a statewide initiative for managing diabetes. The initiative aims to improve health outcomes and experiences for people with diabetes and minimise their need for acute care.
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Patient reported measures

Patient reported measures (PRMs) are surveys that give us an insight into what matters most to patients. They help us to understand if the care we deliver supports the outcomes and experiences that patients expect.
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Leading Better Value Care

Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) identifies and scales evidence based initiatives for specific diseases or conditions. It focuses on managing conditions in the most appropriate setting.
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Integrated Care

Integrated Care, leading partnerships to deliver seamless care anywhere. Enabling the right care in the right place at the right time to improve people’s experience of care and longterm health and wellbeing.
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Commissioning for Better Value

Commissioning for Better Value (CBV) shifts the focus of nonclinical and clinical support projects from outputs to outcomes.
CBV puts the patient at the centre of service design, with a focus on measuring and achieving outcomes.
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Collaborative Commissioning

Collaborative Commissioning is a wholeofsystem approach to incentivise local autonomy and accountability for delivering patientcentred and outcomefocused care in the community.
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Value based healthcare research

Advances in research and technology are helping the NSW health system to find new ways to improve outcomes and experiences and support implementation of value based healthcare approaches.
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