​​ General information for health practitioners and providers about voluntary assisted dying is available. This includes eligibility criteria, health care worker requirements and how to become an authorised voluntary assisted dying practitioner (authorised practitioner).

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Policy Directive (PD 2023_037) outlines mandatory requirements for local health districts to manage and respond to requests for information about and access to voluntary assisted dying, and to support patients through the voluntary assisted dying process.

Please reach out to your district or facility lead if you would like to discuss local voluntary assisted dying pathways.


Certain resources for authorised practitioners are only available on the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Portal.

NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Conference

On Friday 29 September 2023, NSW Health held the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Conference at ICC Sydney. Healthcare workers and interested community members were invited to learn about voluntary assisted dying in NSW and hear from experts from other states.

Listen to program sessions

Information for patients

Information to help health practitioners and providers speak to patients and their family, friends and carers:

The written declaration and contact person form are available in 20 languages in the NSW Voluntary Assisted Dying Portal for authorised voluntary assisted dying practitioners.

Current as at: Monday 25 March 2024