Once the information required has been gathered the story of the organisation can be told. The task of organising priorities will become clearer.

Keys considerations should include:

  • focus on patterns in the analysis .For example, are there correlations between length of stay and day of admission, or emergency department waiting time and time of admission, that identify particular problems?
  • focus on the biggest local changes or opportunities. For example, is there a specialty or process, such as obtaining results, where improvements can be made to assist patient flow?
  • being as granular as possible
  • being prepared for the data to be challenged. Need to consider the limitations that need to be acknowledged up front or
    whether the challenge to the data is fundamental or minor.
  • the systems and platforms in place that can assist with this analysis. These can be a good base to start with.
  • taking learnings from other sites to test with local services
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