Are you listening to staff?

It is critical to engage staff throughout the change process in order that they have a full understanding and are able to take ownership where relevant.
Providing adequate staffing with the required skills is also key to successfully improving access to care. The Whole of Health change processes should be supported by a communications strategy. For further information please refer to the WoHP communications page

Tools and resources

2015 YourSay Workplace Culture survey results

In April 2015 everyone who worked for NSW Health was invited to take part in a census to provide feedback on their experiences and views on their workplace culture. The results of the 2015 YourSay Workplace Culture Survey demonstrate a modest improvement in workplace culture across the NSW Health system.

The Plan provides a high level overview of the strategies that need to be implemented to ensure that NSW can train, recruit and retain doctors, nurses, midwives, oral health practitioners and allied health professionals in order to continue to provide a quality health service to the people of NSW.
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