The Ministry of Health in conjunction with junior doctors, specialty colleges and other key stakeholders, has developed the Junior Medical Officer (JMO) Wellbeing and Support Plan. A key initiative of the plan is to improve the JMO Annual Medical Recruitment process. The Ministry considers inappropriate recruitment practices to be unacceptable and is committed to making improvements to the recruitment process.

Inappropriate recruitment practices include asking an applicant: if they are pregnant or plan on having children in the future, about their carer responsibilities or child care arrangements, about their marital status, how old they are, about their cultural background or religious beliefs, about their sexuality, if they have a disability or impairment. Informal discussions used to pre-judge a candidates capability or suitability for a role prior to interview are not acceptable e.g. ‘pre-interview’.

To assist in improving JMO recruitment practices the Ministry has developed the JMO Recruitment Campaign Feedback survey to gather feedback from junior doctors, about inappropriate practices they have encountered during the annual JMO recruitment campaign. In particular to address instances where JMOs have had a negative experience or experienced inappropriate conduct from conveners or panel members.

This survey has been configured to allow you to respond anonymously and any information you choose to give us is treated confidentially.

We ask you not to provide your personal details on this form; the MoH will not give sufficient information in the reporting to make you identifiable.

Only de-identified feedback will be passed on to the local health districts. This feedback survey is not a complaint, it has been devised to gather information to share with local health districts to inform changes to the recruitment process.​​​​​

Current as at: Monday 29 October 2018