​All licensed private health facilities are required to have a written incident management system outlining the procedures to be followed in the case of an incident or adverse event.
In accordance with the legislation, licensed private health facilities are required to report any adverse event to the Regulation and Compliance Unit.
Adverse event means an unintended injury to a patient, or a complication caused by the health care management of the patient, that results in the disability or death of a patient, or prolonged hospital stay by the patient.
The licensee must ensure that a root cause analysis team is appointed under section 42 of the Private Health Facilities Act 2007 for any reportable incident.  It is also a requirement that the licensee must, within 30 days after being provided with an incident report from the root cause analysis team, forward a copy of the report to the Secretary.
 "Reportable Incident" is defined in Appendix D of the Ministry of Health Incident Management Policy

Page Updated: Tuesday 11 April 2017