​Process for NSW Health funded Non-Government Organisation partners to request ​​Personal Protective Equipment

The health, well-being and safety of Non-Government Organisation (NGO) staff delivering services to members of the community is of the utmost importance to NSW Health.

NSW Health funded NGOs must actively assess their service interactions with clients and patients to identify the risk of transmission of COVID-19. NGOs must identify what preventative steps need to be taken based on regularly updated advice provided by NSW Health and through the NGO Community of Practice.

Some NGOs may need to continue to deliver clinical services to clients or patients who are considered high risk if exposed to COVID-19. Where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential to mitigate risks, no service should be delivered unless relevant PPE can be provided to clients, patients or staff. Safety comes first.

PPE remains a precious resource, so it is critical that it is used wisely and consistently with the evidence provided by CEC. The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) has created contact, droplet and airborne precaution resources to be used in healthcare settings. The CEC’s guidance can be accessed here.

Reques​​ts for PPE by NGO partners

There are currently significant pressures on the global supply chain for PPE. This is impacting resources available across NSW Health and the supply of PPE to our public hospital system.

NSW Health funded NGO providers who are impacted by a short term supply chain gap for PPE can make a request to NSW Health to be considered for supplies.

NGOs making a request should be those delivering clinical services and where clear risks have been identified for clients, patients and/or staff.

Requests should only be submitted by NGOs that have issues with their normal supply chain and have exhausted other options to try and source alternative supply chains.

Priority will be given to facilities where there has been a confirmed case of COVID19.

NGOs requesting consideration for PPE supplies will need to complete the following questions and submit responses to their NGO grant manager.

  1. The facility, program or service requiring PPE.
  2. Summary of the service being provided including brief rationale for providing face-toface.
  3. If your NGO has a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your facility, program or service.
  4. Details of other suppliers your NGO has attempted to source PPE stock from.
  5. What are the items that you need?
  6. What are your current stock levels?
  7. What are your weekly requirements of each? Taking into account that all public health systems are currently having to modify their use of PPE, and the expectation is that anyone seeking support would also do the same.
  8. How will you maximise stock and ensure it is used efficiently? Can you please outline the clinical reasons that you need it?
  9. Have your suppliers provided any anticipated delivery date?
  10. Will you ensure measures are taken to secure stock? Can you please provide details?
  11. What impact will this have on service delivery and patient safety?
  12. Can you confirm that these will only be used for NSW Health patients?
  13. How will you ensure that stock is being used for patients of NSW Health? For example keeping a register of mask utilisation against patients of NSW Health.

Assessment of requests

NSW Health grant managers will triage requests to determine priority and may be in contact with the NGO requesting supplies for further information. If a request then proceeds to HealthShare NSW, an assessment will be made on whether NSW Health can provide support, and if so the level to which this is possible within the context of current priority areas across health settings.​

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