​Latest surveillance summary

COVID-19 activity was stable at moderate to high levels in the past week. Influenza activity is low and has reached inter-seasonal levels. RSV activity is low and continuing to gradually decline.

Summary of epidemiological fortnight ending 18 November 2023

COVID-19 activity increased across all indicators in the past fortnight. The proportion of ED presentations for COVID-19 requiring admission was stable suggesting no increase in disease severity. COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test positivity at sentinel laboratories was 12.0%. Most indicators of influenza activity are persisting in the community although PCR test positivity (4.7%) suggests it may be reaching the start of the inter-seasonal period. There was a 9.4% increase in RSV notifications, all in adults and potentially reflecting increased testing in the context of COVID-19 increases. However, overall RSV activity continues to gradually decline.

Data sources and methods

The data source and methods for this report updates as new information becomes available. For information on the data sources and methods presented within this report please refer to COVID-19 surveillance report data sources and methodology.​

Current as at: Wednesday 29 November 2023
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