Quarantine changes

From 30 April 2022, unvaccinated international arrivals will not be required to undertake hotel quarantine. These passengers will follow the same guidelines as fully vaccinated international arrivals and take a rapid antigen test within 24 hours of arrival.

Update on COVID settings

Under the Public Health (COVID-19 Air and Maritime Arrivals) Order (No 1) 2022 international arrivals in NSW who are not fully vaccinated must complete 7 days mandatory hotel quarantine.

Criteria for exemptions

Exemptions are only considered under exceptional circumstances where there are strong medical, health or compassionate grounds, or the person is transiting out of NSW to an international destination.

Requests to visit a health facility, visit someone at home who is receiving care from a health professional or attend a funeral during the quarantine period are usually only considered for a specific time period. Exemptions from the full 14 day quarantine period are not usually granted.

If you are not fully vaccinated and would like to apply for an exemption from hotel quarantine, please read the Exemptions for air and maritime quarantine - frequently asked questions to see if you fit the criteria for an exemption. Strong supporting evidence must be submitted to enable your application to be considered – if this information is not provided with your application, it will delay our ability to assess your application.

If you believe you fit the criteria for exemption, it is strongly recommended that you complete the online application form to help streamline the process.

Current as at: Thursday 28 April 2022
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