NSW Health is working in close partnership with the Commonwealth to support residential aged care facilities as they manage a COVID-19 outbreak. This short video outlines NSW Health’s role in providing public health advice in the management and prevention of infectious diseases, and how we can provide specialist health care to residents of aged care facilities when they need it. The video also raises awareness of the importance of understanding and respecting the wishes of residents, particularly around advance care directives.

Protocol to support joint management of a COVID-19 outbreak in a residential aged care facility in NSW

This protocol was jointly developed on 23 June 2020 by NSW Health and the Commonwealth Department of Health to formalise the coordination of government support to a residential aged care provider in their management of a COVID-19 outbreak. The protocol incorporates feedback received during consultation sessions with aged care peak bodies and providers.

The roles and responsibilities of all relevant parties, governance structures and escalation procedures are outlined with the intention that the protocol facilitates fast mobilisation of required government support to an aged care provider in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak.

The primary objectives of this protocol are to optimise care for all residents in impacted RACFs (regardless of their COVID-19 status) and to contain and control the outbreak to bring it to an end as quickly and safely as possible.

COVID outbreak governance – residential aged care facilities

This provides a visual summary of the governance structure outlined in the joint protocol.

COVID outbreak governance – residential aged care facilities
Outbreak management: Governance structure for outbreaks in residential aged care facilities

NSW COVID-19 Incident Action Plan

The purpose of the NSW COVID-19 Incident Action Plan is to guide public health operations in supporting a residential aged care facility, and prevent further transmission following a confirmed case of COVID-19 within a residential aged care facility. It outlines in detail the roles of the various parties and operationalises the Joint Protocol between NSW Health and Commonwealth Department of Health. This plan is intended to guide local health districts in the development of local incident action plans. ​​​​​​

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