Collaborative Commissioning involves patient centred co-commissioning groups identifying and prioritising local health needs and developing care pathways to improve patient and community outcomes. It aims to address the gaps in patient care and embed local accountability to ensure care is truly integrated for patients.

Collaborative Commissioning is an accelerating initiative in NSW Health’s move to value based healthcare.

The Collaborative Commissioning program has five guiding principles:

  1. an evidence based focus on local need and priorities for patients
  2. collaboration to improve care and outcomes for patients
  3. joint accountability across providers and organisations
  4. flexible purchasing and provider arrangements
  5. sustainability through re-alignment of existing resources.

The role of Patient Centred Co-commissioning Groups

A Patient Centred Co-commissioning Group (PCCG) drives change at the local level, to integrate care across all services and providers for patients. They are informed by a core partnership between local health districts and Primary Health Networks.
PCCGs are accountable for improving health outcomes for the local population through balancing high priority local needs and maintaining a longer-term focus on ensuring appropriate care across all populations. This includes maximising the use of local resources.

Joint Development Phase

The Joint Development Phase (JDP) is an agreed period of time for partnerships to test, modify and refine their Collaborative Commissioning proposal before implementation. The Ministry of Health will work collaboratively with PCCGs to refine the core elements of Collaborative Commissioning and provide financial, legal and analytic support. It is expected that the JDP will run for a period of up to six months based on individual PCCG needs.

There are three partnerships currently in the JDP:

  • Western Sydney Local Health District and Western Sydney Primary Health Network (WentWest)
  • Western NSW Local Health District, Far West Local Health District, Western NSW Primary Health Network and the NSW Rural Doctors Network
  • North Sydney Local Health District and Sydney North Primary Health Network.

Work is continuing with all partnerships to assist with progression to JDP.

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