Commissioning for Better Value (CBV) is one of the state-wide programs accelerating the move to value based healthcare in NSW.     Commissioning for Better Value outcomes involves review and evaluate, analyse service needs, implement service and design service

In NSW Health, commissioning involves:
  • analysing service needs and identifying desired outcomes
  • designing evidence-based service models
  • implementing the selected service model
  • reviewing and evaluating outcomes for continuous improvement.

Shifting the focus from outputs to outcomes

Outputs are designed around the amount of activity being provided, whereas outcomes focus on the person receiving the service.

CBV provides a structure that puts the patient at the centre of service design, with a focus on measuring and achieving outcomes.

Providing services that deliver improved outcomes for patients, clinicians and other end-users drives value within the health system.

A focus on outcomes can contribute to value based care by improving:
  • health outcomes that matter to patients and the community
  • experiences of receiving care
  • experiences of providing care
  • effectiveness and efficiency of care.
Current as at: Wednesday 22 February 2023
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