​Research is one of the enablers that support NSW Health’s approach to value based healthcare. Advances in research and technology are helping the NSW health system to find new ways to improve outcomes and experiences and support implementation of value based healthcare approaches.

System priorities for value based healthcare research

The System priorities for value based healthcare research document is a guide for the broader research community. It describes topics of strategic importance for value based healthcare research from NSW Health’s perspective. The guidance aims to inform and support the design and implementation of value based healthcare across NSW and provides support for researchers seeking partnership or involvement from NSW Health on value based healthcare research projects.

Researchers can use this guide to:

  • consider the system priorities when designing value based healthcare research projects or submitting grant proposals to other funders
  • reference the guideline in applications for funding such as through NHMRC and for Translational Research Grants to show alignment with NSW Health priorities
  • seek partnerships with NSW Health for research focusing on one of the system priorities (noting that all partnership proposals will be considered on a case by case basis).

It is envisioned that the guidance will support a more equitable, transparent and sustainable approach to partnerships in value based healthcare research.

Please note that there is no specific funding associated with this guideline. This guidance document is intended to inform the research community about topics of most interest to NSW Health should they wish to leverage other NSW Health programs or expertise, or partner with NSW Health on applications for schemes funded by other bodies.

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