​NGO AOD Perfor​mance indicator specifications for AOD-Core 3 Client reported experience

Last updated: 21 June 2018
AOD-Core 3 Client reported experience​
​Version number ​1.0
​Descriptor ​The funded service routinely collects and analyses data on client’s experience of the service provided using a standard client experience measure.
​Intended outcome ​The funded service analyses and trends the collected data, reports on the data internally and externally, and uses the information to make improvements to services.
​Data and evidence reporting requirements
  • ​Current client reported experience measure policy and protocols and 
  •  Recent data analysis and trend report
​Reporting frequency ​Commencing 2019, organisations to report six (6) monthly no later than the 21st day of the month following the six month period of collection.
​Inclusions ​All non-government organisations funded by NSW Health for the delivery of alcohol and other drug treatment services.
​Exclusions ​Alcohol and other drug services funded by NSW Health other than treatment services, including those that are primarily educational or preventative.
​Related NSW Health policies and guidelines ​N/A
Current as at: Thursday 21 June 2018