The Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs is responsible for developing, managing and coordinating NSW Ministry of Health policy, strategy and program funding relating to the prevention, minimisation and treatment of alcohol and drug related harm. The branch also supports the maintenance of relevant legislative frameworks, including drug and alcohol treatment legislation.

The work of Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs is delivered through the drug and alcohol program, in partnership with local health districts, Justice Forensic and Mental Health, Sydney Children's Hospital Network, NSW Health pillars and affiliated health organisations, non-government organisations, research institutions and other partner organisations​.

The Centre for Alcohol and Other Drugs is currently configured into six teams:

  • Clinical Quality and Safety
  • Music Festivals
  • Clinical Policy
  • System Enablers
  • AOD Policy
  • Prevention and Harm Minimisation


The 2021-22 budget for alcohol and other drugs is $330 million for drug and alcohol services in NSW. 

The funding is allocated to local health districts and non-government organisations to provide core drug and alcohol services, including:

  • inpatient withdrawal management, hospital based drug and alcohol consultation liaison services, specialist drug and alcohol treatment services
  • advice, referral and counselling services, brief and early intervention programs
  • community based education and information programs
  • residential rehabilitation and aftercare services
  • NGO partnerships

Drug and Alcohol Chief Addiction Specialist

The role of the Drug and Alcohol Chief Addiction Medicine Specialist at the NSW Ministry of Health is to provide:

  • advice on drug and alcohol clinical matters to the Director of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Branch and staff
  • information on new developments in drug and alcohol clinical treatment and care
  • leadership on the development and monitoring of a clinical governance framework for NSW drug and alcohol services
  • support to NSW clinical staff at times where local clinical leadership is not available.​


Drug and alcohol programs​​​​​​​