The Guidelines for Music Festival Event Organisers: Music Festival Harm Reduction have been written to support event organisers to deliver safer music festivals. NSW Health will use the Guidelines to assess festival event plans, including the safety management plan.

What has changed since the previous version?

The December 2019 version of the Guidelines now includes:

  • Reference to the Music Festivals Act 2019.
  • A recommendation that in the event of a death of a patient treated by an onsite medical provider, the onsite medical provider should ensure that a review is conducted by an appropriate independent person.
  • New recommendations include ensuring medical protocols are in place for resuscitation procedures and that medical teams undertake a simulation exercise for resuscitation and rapid sequence intubation prior to the festival commencing.
  • More detailed information about arranging transfer of seriously unwell patients to hospital.
File Size: 332 kb
Type: Guideline
Date of Publication: 11 December 2019
ISBN: 978-1-76081-254-6
SHPN: (CPH) 190491