How to apply

Applications for NSW Health jobs should be submitted online by the closing date.

Should you have any problems completing or submitting your application online, please contact the Hiring Manager or Recruitment Unit specified in the job advertisement.

Creating a profile

When applying for a vacancy in NSW Health for the first time, you will start by building a personal profile, which will include your resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV) and copies of your qualifications and credentials. These can be used again when applying for any positions in NSW Health in the future.

Writing your resume / Curriculum Vitae (CV)

You are required to submit an up-to-date resume/CV as part of your application outlining details of your education and employment history. It must include information on all positions currently and recently held.

Your resume / CV should be in chronological order, identify the type of work you have performed and your responsibilities, and provide details of the organisations you have worked for and the period of your employment with them. Personal information (e.g. age, marital status, number of dependents etc.) is not relevant to the position and should not be included in your resume / CV.

Your application

You must submit a separate application for each position for which you wish to apply. The application will be auto-populated with relevant information from your profile, which you will be asked to review and update.

You should prepare a succinct application demonstrating why you believe you are the best person for the position. Your application should include your claims against the selection criteria and your resume / CV. As you progress through the recruitment process, you will be requested to provide further information and documentation at the appropriate stages of the process.

You should read the advertisement and the position description so that you are fully informed of the requirements of the position before submitting your application. You may also wish to telephone the contact person to discuss anything you don’t understand or wish to clarify.

Your other preparation may include:

Addressing the selection criteria

Your claims against the selection criteria are the most important part of your application. The selection criteria contain the minimum requirements for the position, and the selection panel will be assessing your skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience against these requirements.

You will be asked to address some or all of the selection criteria in writing online. Please provide examples that demonstrate your ability to meet those criteria. If your application does not address each criterion as requested, you reduce your chances of being short-listed for further assessment.

Late applications

Where there are unforeseen and/or unavoidable delays (example: job website unavailable), a grace period of 24 hours is allowed for applications to be submitted after the closing date. In certain circumstances, late applications beyond this time may be accepted but it is at the discretion of the convenor. Should you wish to submit a late application, please discuss with the contact person for the position.

Late applications will not be accepted once the interview process has commenced.​​​​​​

Current as at: Wednesday 15 December 2021