Offer of employment

If you are the successful applicant, you will be made a written offer of employment online. Information about the terms and conditions of your proposed employment will be included. You will be asked to accept the offer online. Please refer to Recruitment and Onboarding - Accepting and printing your Letter of Offer for more information.

Eligibility lists and recruitment pools

If you are deemed suitable for the position, but not ranked first, you may be placed on an eligibility list. Applicants placed on an eligibility list are ranked in order of merit. If the position you applied for, or a similar position, becomes available within the period the list is active (usually 6 or 12 months), the position may be offered to the next ranked candidate on the list.

If you are placed on an eligibility list, you will also be given the opportunity to opt in to a broader NSW Health recruitment pool for consideration for other similar vacancies at the same level and same occupational stream across NSW Health.

Unsuccessful applicants

If your application is unsuccessful, you are encouraged to seek feedback from the selection panel/convenor as soon as you receive formal advice of this. Such feedback can help you to understand the selection panel’s decision and to discuss ways in which you may improve future applications or interview performance.​

More information

For information about specific NSW Health agencies, refer to:

Current as at: Thursday 1 September 2022