PD2016_053 Aboriginal workforce strategic framework 2016-2020: NSW Health Good Health - Great JobsCurrent.
IB2017_041 Disputes: Use of dispute committeesCurrent.
TC19-08 Domestic and family violence - Leave and support (Treasury circular) Current
Other Equity in employment (i.e. disability, race, sex etc.): NSW Anti-Discrimination Board
PD2012_021 Excess staffCurrent.

Flexible working in the NSW public sector (PSC website)

Leave matters for the NSW Health Service


IB2017_040 Leave: Leave for declared natural disasters or emergencies Current.
Leave: Paid parental leave
​Leave: Parental Leave Enhancements
Other Medical assessments - NSW Government pre-qualification scheme for employment related medical services (Scheme ID: SCM2231) This scheme will expire 17 October 2026.
PD2014_051 Motor vehicles: Use within NSW HealthCurrent.
DPC D2010-019 Non-work related injuries and health conditions (Premier's Memorandum)Current.
PD2016_019 Performance: Executive Performance ManagementCurrent.
PD2016_040 Performance: Managing for PerformanceCurrent.

Performance Development (PSC website)

PD2011_010 Performance: Review arrangements for Visiting Medical OfficersCurrent.
IB2021_052 Public Holidays for 2021 to 2023Current.
PD2016_010 Travel - Official travelCurrent.
PD2019_002 Senior executive arrangements - NSW Health ServiceCurrent.
PD2016_026 Staff Specialist employment arrangements across more than one public health organisationCurrent.
PD2019_012 Uniforms policyCurrent.

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