PD2021_030 Bullying: Prevention and management of workplace bullyingCurrent.
PD2021_031 Bullying: Prevention and Management of Unacceptable Workplace Behaviours in NSW Health - JMO ModuleCurrent.
PD2016_045 Employee assistance programsCurrent.
PSC D2001_001 Employment health assessmentCurrent.
GL2007_023 Fatigue - Prevention and management in the workplaceCurrent.

Rehabilitation, Recovery and Return to Work

Other Medical assessments - NSW Government pre-qualification scheme for employment related medical services (Scheme ID: SCM2231) This scheme will expire 17 October 2026.
DPC D2010-019 Non-work related injuries and health conditionsCurrent.

Preventing and managing violence in the NSW Health workplace - A zero tolerance approach

PD2017_043 Violence prevention and management training framework for NSW Health organisationsCurrent.

Work Health and Safety Audits


Work Health and Safety - Better Practice Procedures

GL2018_013 Work Health and Safety - Blood and Body Substances Occupational Exposure PreventionCurrent.
GL2015_002 Work Health and Safety - Controlling Exposure to Surgical PlumeCurrent
PD2019_044 Work Health and Safety - Limiting Staff Exposure to Ionising RadiationCurrent.
GL2018_012 Work Health and Safety - Management of Patients with Bariatric NeedsCurrent.
GL2019_007 Work Health and Safety - Other Workers EngagementCurrent.

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