Martin, Deputy Director of Nursing, Broken Hill: Being an old farm boy, the wide blue skies, the beautiful desert sunset, the sense of community and the friendliness of Broken Hill is what keeps me here. If you enjoy a beer at the pub, there’s plenty of pubs, but if you want to join a sporting club, there’s plenty of sporting clubs. If you want to join a brass band as such might be the case, there’s a brass band, a pipe band and an orchestra. Oh there we go. If you want to buy a lovely house for under two hundred thousand dollars, Broken Hill’s the place to be. And with a one minute commute to work.

Lisa, New Graduate Nurse, Broken Hill: Being part of the community, everyone is so happy. They’re always eager to show you around or tell you things about the place and it’s the culture. It’s really a cultural place. Everyone comes together, regardless of race or religion or anything like that.

Chelsea, Clinical Midwife Consultant, Broken Hill: Broken Hill is my hometown. I feel a sense of connection and I have grown up here and I plan to spend many more years working here. I love the sense of community. I love the fact that we can still get out of town for holidays but it’s always really lovely to come home. The blue skies, the red dirt is really beautiful, and the sense of camaraderie within our staff and looking after each other is really important to me. Did someone mention that Shae and I went to pre-school together?

Bree, Midwife, Midwifery Group Practice, Broken Hill: I love Broken Hill and I love growing up in a rural town. It’s a friendly town. It’s a beautiful place to work. I love the closeness of the community and I love that I can walk down the main corridor of the hospital and I know so many people.

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