Allied Health Rural HECS-HELP Incentive Package

The NSW Ministry of Health is currently piloting a four-year comprehensive incentive package focused on the recruitment and retention of allied health professionals to areas of critical need in rural and remote.

This package is for early career allied health professionals with a HECS-HELP loan debt and is attached to eligible positions in NSW Health. Positions eligible for the incentive package will be advertised on NSW Health jobs and eligible roles will clearly state this in the advertisement.

What does the incentive package include?

  • An incremental annual contribution to an your HECS-HELP loan – paid at the completion of each years’ service (totalling $20,000)
    • Year one - $3000
    • Year two - $4000
    • Year three - $6000
    • Year four - $7000
  • A rural immersion and familiarisation visit prior to finalising recruitment to ensure your suitability to the proposed rural location.
  • An additional five days of annual leave per year.
  • An additional six days of continued professional development (CPD) leave per year.
  • Cultural responsiveness training.
  • Three hours a week of protected CPD, mentoring and clinical supervision.

Find out more information from the Allied Health Rural HECS-HELP Incentive Package - Factsheet for applicants.

A physiotherapy session at Broken Hill Hospital. Photo: Far West LHD.
Current as at: Tuesday 14 December 2021