NSW Health is strengthening the capacity of our rural health services to provide world-class care for people living in regional, rural and remote NSW.

To deliver this care, our health agencies need a steady and stable supply of workers.

It can be challenging to attract and retain a workforce in rural and remote locations. For some jobs that are hard to fill and/or essential to service provision, NSW Health is offering incentives over and above standard employment entitlements.

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Dental Officers Rural Incentive Scheme

Dentists working in regional areas across NSW may be eligible for a Dental Officer Rural Incentive Scheme payment of up to $20,000 per annum.

The rural incentive package applies to all full time and part-time dental officers and dental specialists working in an eligible rural and remote area.

For more information email moh-oralhealthstrategy@health.nsw.gov.au

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Rural Health Workforce Incentive Scheme

Rural and regional life in NSW has so much to offer, and these communities need health workers more than ever. For some hard-to-fill or essential service jobs across NSW, a package of financial and non-financial incentives may be offered.

Rural Health Workforce Incentive Scheme

NSW Health Deployment Program

  • Are you looking for a new adventure? Do you value variety and mobility in your working life?
  • Are you interested in experiencing life in metro, rural, regional, and remote locations across NSW?
  • Are you open to broadening your horizons with unique experiences across a range of disciplines to enhance your skills and experience?

NSW Health offers unique experiences through deployments to locations and health services across NSW.

We are seeking workers from more than twenty professions for placements across NSW. Find out which professions qualify and how to find a role.

NSW Health Deployment Program

Rural and regional health career scholarships

NSW Health offers a program of scholarships to:

  • attract healthcare workers to rural and regional areas
  • support those currently providing excellent healthcare in the rural and regional areas to increase their skills.

There are nine different rural and regional health scholarships available across a range of health professions including allied health, nursing and midwifery, medical and Aboriginal allied health.

The scholarships target new and existing workers, and can be used to cover the cost of travel and accommodation, childcare, technology and training fees making it easier for students to choose to move away from the city.

Rural and regional health career scholarships

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Working in rural NSW offers many personal and professional benefits. Hear from our current NSW Health rural workforce about Why we live and work in rural NSW.

Visit our Careers section to explore other ways of working with NSW Health.

Current as at: Monday 28 August 2023