​NSW Health offers a range of scholarships to support NSW Health staff and students living and working in rural and regional areas. These scholarships are specifically designed to support and develop the rural and regional workforce.

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Nursing and midwifery scholarships

NSW Health offer scholarships and financial assistance programs to support nurses, midwives and nursing and midwifery students. Some of these are targeted at supporting rural health professionals and some are available to all.

These include:

  • Aboriginal cadetships and scholarships
  • undergraduate scholarships and grants
  • postgraduate and ca​reer development scholarships
  • re-entry to nursing or midwifery scholarships.

For more information and to apply for these scholarships please visit Nursing and Midwifery scholarships and financial assistance.

Rural health education scholarships

The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) offer scholarships and grants aiming to provide equal access to education in areas of need.

Scholarships are available annually for a range of professional groups including:

  • Aboriginal Allied Health students
  • allied health professionals and students
  • allied health assistants, pharmacy assistants, and technicians
  • eligible NSW rural vocational and prevocational medical trainees undertaking metropolitan training
  • medical trainees in rural and remote areas
  • mental health professionals
  • new graduate nurses and midwives relocating to work in rural hospitals
  • prospective medical students
  • rural allied health professionals completing postgraduate training

For more information and to apply for these scholarships please visit HETI - Scholarships and grants.

Tertiary Health Study Subsidy Program

The Tertiary Health Study Subsidy Program provides subsidies to students studying a health qualification and incentivises them to enter the NSW Health workforce. The payments can assist students with fees, technology, travel, or other associated personal costs.

NSW Health offers two subsidies:

  • Subsidy 1: $12,000 subsidy paid over three years to students commencing study, and intending to work for NSW Health upon completion.
  • Subsidy 2: $8,000 one-off subsidy paid to students graduating study with employment in NSW Health.

For more information and to apply for these subsidies please visit Tertiary Health Study Subsidy Program​.

Scholarships from other organisations

Many other organisations offer support and funding to rural health professionals or people studying or training to become a health professional. These scholarships are not administered by NSW Health. Please contact the organisations you're interested in to find out more.

Rural incentive schemes

NSW Health is strengthening the capacity of our rural health services to provide world-class care for people living in regional, rural and remote NSW.

For some jobs that are hard to fill and/or essential to service provision, NSW Health is offering incentives over and above standard employment entitlements. Read more about our Rural incentive schemes.

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