The Ministry of Health promotes a CORE set of values - created by employees for employees - to inspire positive interactions in the workplace:


Refers to people working willingly and actively together to achieve goals and improve levels of service to NSW Health. It means seeking the input of others, both from within the Ministry and from external partners, while always considering the impact on our teams. We also seek out new ways of collaborating.


Is a state of mind, enabling colleagues to share ideas and communicate clearly. We strive to be approachable, actively listen and encourage others to contribute and speak up. We offer and receive constructive feedback. This ensures others feel their contribution is valued, even when there are disagreements.


Is a reminder to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. It is important to be mindful of each other's capabilities, regardless of role or grade. We care about the different perspectives and backgrounds in our workplace, and are thoughtful of our impact on others.


Enables a sense of purpose in our work. It is achieved through taking responsibility for our performance and behaviour. We celebrate our achievements. We also reflect upon what may not have met all expectations and learn from that experience. In doing so, we create a positive environment in which people are encouraged to grow, develop and succeed. ​​

Current as at: Monday 13 December 2021
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