Learning and development

  • access a range of learning and development opportunities through Ministry specific programs and the dedicated education provider - My Health Learning


  • broaden your networks, discuss career goals or just get a better understanding of the NSW Health system - Mentoring can be all of this and more
  • self guided program (with support from Human Resources) to get the most out of it
  • access online programs to support you through the process.

Performance management

  • receive regular feedback through a structured performance management process
  • identify development needs and proactively work towards building your capabilities for the current role and future roles
  • read more about the NSW Public Service Commission's Performance Development Framework that is the basis for the Ministry of Health's performance management process

Study leave

  • build your capabilities by enrolling in recognised courses (face-to-face or distance education). Prior manager approval is required.
  • access up to four hours study leave per week or accumulate towards end of semester/year (subject to business priorities)

Assignments and secondments

  • opportunities to work in a wide range of roles within the Ministry of Health based on your capabilities and career goals - Read more about our teams / divisions
  • access to secondment opportunities (within the broader NSW Health system or other government departments) via an 'Expressions of Interest' portal that is only available to employees.


Current as at: Tuesday 7 November 2017
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