NSW Health partners with local councils, local health districts and other agencies who have knowledge and skills in environmental health to employ trainees.

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Benefits for employers

Employing an Aboriginal trainee:

  • creates local employment for up to six years
  • helps your organisation meet Aboriginal and environmental health workforce targets
  • grows the environmental health officer workforce and keeps skills in your organisation
  • supports engagement with Aboriginal communities and organisations.

The good benefit is that you get to grow your own employee from scratch and potentially gain a permanent employee after the traineeship. Having a trainee also means you have to go back to basics when approaching tasks and teach the reasons behind why decisions are being made. It helps you to better communicate those decisions to not just the trainee, but also to the business owner, complainants, ratepayer, developer, consultant and offender.

Ross Briggs, Manager Compliance Directorate - Planning and Compliance, Tamworth Regional Council.

Funding arrangements

  • NSW Health funds 100% of the traineeship (salary, costs and training) during the first year.
  • NSW Health and your organisation share traineeship costs after the first year at a 50:50 rate.
  • Previous traineeship partners and disadvantaged NSW councils can request a 75:25 rate.
  • NSW Health funds 100% of university fees for subjects passed for the entire traineeship.

The whole Environmental Health team enjoys the experience of passing on the knowledge and skills we have developed over time. It is so rewarding as a supervisor to watch a trainee grow in confidence and gain new technical skills.

Anna, Trainee Supervisor.


For a successful traineeship it is important that your organisation:

  • has qualified Environmental Health staff
  • has policies and practices that support Aboriginal people in the workplace
  • completes an application form and signs a formal funding agreement.

There are many benefits from our organisation hosting an Aboriginal Trainee Environmental Health Officer; our cultural awareness broadens, our relationship with local Aboriginal community groups is enhanced, we are supporting a student to gain a tertiary qualification and our consideration of Aboriginal Environmental Health issues is refreshed.

Director of Public Health Unit with an Aboriginal Trainee Environmental Health Officer.

EHO Workplace Training KitSupport

NSW Health provides support to traineeship partners by:

  • providing recruitment package including templates and sample documents
  • offering support sessions for supervisors, teams and families
  • coordinating twice-yearly steering group meetings
  • providing the NSW Health EHO workplace training kit and its assessment
  • coordinating and promoting training opportunities for trainees and supervisors.

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