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Traineeships are a six year 'earn and learn' opportunity to become an Environmental Health Officer.

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To apply for a traineeship you must be:

  • an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person
  • a resident of NSW
  • able to meet requirements for entry into the Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health) at Western Sydney University (WSU) through the University Admissions Centre or direct application to WSU or the WSU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathway Program.


EHO Workplace Training KitYou will be employed full-time as an Aboriginal Trainee Environmental Health Officer, in a local council or a local health district in NSW.

Your workday will be a mix of 'out and about' in the community and office time as part of a team. The team will share their skills and experience as you gradually have your own areas of responsibility.

A supervisor will coordinate your training, guided by the EHO Workplace Training Kit. This sets out the practical workplace skills and experience in all areas of EHO work.

Your salary will depend on the workplace award or enterprise agreement, your age, education and previous employment. Starting salary is approximately $713 to $970 per week for a 35-38 hour week.


You will study a Bachelor of Science (Environmental Health) at WSU by distance, part-time. Some subjects have on-campus workshops where you will travel to university for a few days to do practical activities such as laboratory and field work.

You will study a minimum of two subjects each semester and get four hours paid study leave for each subject. Further study in your own time will be needed.

Study costs that will be paid include:

  • university subject fees (for subjects passed only)
  • travel to attend university
  • core textbooks, technical equipment and graduation fees.


WSU has a program that provides tutoring for two hours per subject each week of the semester. Extra tutoring may also be available.

Support and Governance

You will have day-to-day support for studies, training and work during the traineeship.

Aboriginal Environmental Health Officer Training Program is focussed on Trainees and Supervisors with cultural respect embedded throughout the program.​

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How to find Aboriginal Trainee Environmental Health Officer positions

Positions are advertised according to availability.

Advertisements can be found on:

  • NSW Health, local council and employment websites
  • Indigenous media and social media.

If you would like further information please contact the Aboriginal Environmental Health team on (02) 9391 9790 or send your expression of interest:

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