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Aboriginal Environmental Health - Amanda

Transcript of Aboriginal Environmental Health - Amanda.

I have a passion for the environment. I love nature and being Indigenous we have that connection to country. I'm a local Yuin woman from the far south coast in Bega. I work for Bega Valley Shire Council as the Environmental Health Cadet. Environmental Health is very broad, not mostly to do with just the environment and protecting against things like pollution, it involves Public Health, so things that may impact human health, making sure the Mob doesn't get sick when we go swimming, when we prepare our food in our home or on our campsites, and also to become a role model to some of the younger ones in the generation and show them that you don't have to stick to the stereotyping that's been put on us. Six years ago before I even started this job, I found it hard to find employment, especially when you identify as an Indigenous person, so have a program like this gives someone like me the opportunity to make something of themselves and reach their full potential.

The work that I do is important to the local Mob because they feel like they have a voice within council. Most enjoyable aspect about the work is being out and about not stuck behind a desk. Combining study and working at council can be challenging to begin with but once you get into it and because you have support around you from your local team members as well as other organisations. It does make it a lot easier to minimise the stress that you may find going to university and trying to work full time. Uni was something I never thought I would actually do so that is something I'm very proud of.

My final message for the Mob wanting to get involved with environmental health is go for it. Don't hold yourself back you'd amazed at how much confidence you can actually get with a traineeship like this. 

Aboriginal Environmental Health - Talisa

Transcript of Aboriginal Environmental Health - Talisa.

My name is Talisa Smith. I'm a proud Wiradjuri woman. I'm from Bathurst, New South Wales and I'm studying a Bachelor of Natural Science, majoring in Environment and Health. My employment at the moment is as a Trainee Environmental Health Officer with Bathurst Regional Council. It ties with my studies because my studies give me the background knowledge to be able to do my day-to-day job. My traineeship goes for six years. I'm currently at the end of my first year. I am passionate about the land as a proud Wiradjury woman I know that living on the land working with the land is really important. So for me, keeping the waterways clean keeping the airways free of pollution and making sure that the noise and everything, everybody living on country is comfortable.

I chose to study a Bachelor of Natural Science mostly because it's part of the traineeship. The traineeship I chose to do because I was already studying health, and it just wasn't fulfilling for me on a patient level, you're putting out spot fires all the time whereas I found that this course was a preventative action that I could take. I absolutely would recommend this course to anybody else.

My major one piece of advice would be that you are smart enough, myself I was particularly worried about not being able to finish a university degree, but now I'm here I'm dong it, I'm confident in doing it. So, my one piece of advice is, you can do it. 

Aboriginal Environmental Health - Adam

Transcript of Aboriginal Environmental Health - Adam.

When we're talking about people's lives they're not just stats on a piece of paper, we're actually in and working for the people of that community.

Hi I'm Adam McEwen, Bundjalung boy. My mob's from Baryulgil, Wehlabul clan. I've lived and worked here on Darkinjung country for over 40 years. I'm a Project Officer for NSW Ministry of Health, in Aboriginal Environmental Health Unit.

My role within Environmental Health is working with Aboriginal people and Aboriginal communities primarily around healthy living practices. People can live healthily, good nutrition, health supporting home environments and a healthy community, so waterways, wastewater, fruit and veg, free of pests and disease and it encompasses really anything that can have an impact on your health. What I enjoy most about Environmental Health is that the work that I do I can actually see and feel a benefit from it. We don't do surveys without service, we get in boots and all and we look for local place-based solutions, and you can really see the direct impact of what we do, which is fantastic.

I've seen a lot of success with Environmental Health as a profession. I've seen successes at local level and I've seen successes at a national level. Environmental Health, when I started there was no qualified Aboriginal people working in Environmental Health across the country, and to where we are today, Aboriginal people across all facets of Environmental Health in each state and territory, local jurisdictions and state governments is fantastic.

I've worked in the profession for over 20 years firstly as a trainee now as a Project Officer with head office and every day's been different, I could go one day setting mosquito traps to beach samples, to being in somebody's home, to community meetings. Every day over 20 years has been different, and if you're thinking about it as a career, give it a go. 

My Day: Geoff, Environmental Health Officer - Sydney Local Health District

Transcript of My Day: Geoff, Environmental Health Officer - Sydney Local Health District

My name is Geoff, I'm one of the Environmental Health Officers in the Public Health Unit.

It's our job to keep people in the community safe and healthy and out of hospital and that means things like checking swimming pools or water cooling towers for bacteria or working with retailers to make sure cigarettes aren't been sold to minors. 

It's a great job and I really love getting out in the field.

This morning I'm here at western Sydney, with my colleagues from the Western Sydney Public Health Unit and we actually looking at the Aboriginal Housing for Health audit program. The program actually looks at environmental audit defects in the housing such as plumbing, electrical issues and also ventilation as well; and as a result it has actually reduced a significant number of admissions into the hospitals. 

All looking good.

We are on the front line I guess and it's a different way of looking at health care; keeping people safe right where they live, that's my day.

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