Are you drinking enough water to stay hydrated? The urine colour chart will give you an idea on how hydrated you are. Hydrated means you are drinking enough and dehydrated means your body has lost water and you need to drink more to make up for the loss.
This urine colour chart will give you an idea of whether a person is drinking enough or is dehydrated (lost too much water from the body). Dark yellow urine - very dehydrated; drink a large bottle of water immediately. Bright yellow urine - dehydrated; drink 2-3 glasses of water now. Light yellow urine - somewhat dehydrated; drink a large glass of water now. Almost clear urine - hydrated - you are drinking enough; keep drinking at the same rate. 

Be Aware! If you are taking single vitamin supplements or a multivitamin supplement, some of the vitamins in the supplements can change the colour of the urine for a few hours, making it bright yellow or discoloured.

This urine chart is intended as a guide only. The advice is general  and doesn't apply to people who have a fluid restriction from their doctor or other medical advice on fluid consumption. Colour differences because of printing or computer screen variations can alter the interpretation.

Remember the 4 key messages to keep you and others healthy in the heat

1. Keep yourself cool, 2.Stay hydrated with water, 3. Lookout for each other, 4. Plean ahead for the heat src=​​

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